2020 Hebei Brand Online Platform officially released

Update Time:Nov 28th, 2020 Author:eovobo

In 2020, having experienced COVID-19, Hebei Brand Promotion Event took the initiative to start an online and offline joint promotion mode, and organized the Hebei Brand online exhibition.

Hebei Brand Online Promotion


This year’s Hebei Brand online promotion is divided into four sessions, each covering a different theme, providing online presentations, live promotions, custom projects and online courses for exhibitors.

Timetable for the 2020 Hebei Brand Online Promotion


Exhibition themes

11.28-12.01  /  12.09-12.10

Hebei Brand Online Promotion—Agriculture, Animal Husbandry


Hebei Brand Online Promotion—Automobile, Automobile Accessories


Hebei Brand Online Promotion—Household consumer goods


Hebei Brand Online Promotion—Hardware tools, Horticulture, Bicycles

Hebei Brand Online Promotion hopes to become a platform for communication and cooperation among enterprises. We aim to develop our platform for long-term daily use and help promote Hebei brands online and help Hebei companies grow and prosper.

Hebei Brand Promotion is becoming the best choice for Hebei brands going global

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